Why Some people get risk management and some people don’t

hummingbirdsFor awhile, I was writing for hours everyday. And I don’t mean, organizing my e-mail inbox, twittering, getting distracted by my stumble button … I mean full-fledged pounding away at the keys, replacing my keyboard at the end of every day. All because somebody had the hare-brained idea of daring me, saying I couldn’t do my writing in mittens.
Not really. But I am known throughout google for my rabbit mittens, as told to me several times now by Google Analytics. So, that ones for you Rabbit Mitten people. Anyways, I would write up a storm.
And then, I would have a moment of self-reflection here and there. Sitting in a big comfy arm chair, scribbling in my notebook.

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Keeping The Family Happy

Wholesome Activities, Great Attitudes, and Higher Altitudes


When we speak of family activities, what we’re really talking about is time together: both in quantity and quality.

As hectic as our lives are, the key is to integrate into our family culture the types of activities that insure we spend enough time together.

Here are a few things we’ve tried that have blessed our family in countless ways:

Date Night

This can be a tough one to pull off, but I’m convinced that it’s a crucial activity for any couple.  A “date” can be anything from a nice dinner out, to going for a walk, or even a trip to the grocery store.  The point is that you and your significant other get out and do something together where you can leave distractions behind and just enjoy each other.  The key here is nurturing the relationship, something Mark Harai can teach us all something about.

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The Biggest Lies About Money

nature_vector_illustrations_8Sometimes my husband calls me the bag lady when I’m running errands. It’s not what you think. No. I am not strolling the streets of Los Angeles totting bags of every fabric and material known to mankind.

Eh, the last statement is probably somewhat true. A few years ago, many grocery stores started selling affordable reusable bags. Sometime later, these bags could also be found in non-grocery markets such as Target.

I was among the few that took to them quickly and to actually use them at the check-out stand. I keep them in my car as most people do. I also have been known to leave a full basket of groceries by the cashier to run to my car because I had forgotten to bring in my bags. (sigh) Continue reading “The Biggest Lies About Money”

These Are Recession-Proof Businesses

unnamedI hope you like what I’ve done with the place. I have been struggling on and on about the theme and how I want Renaissance Blogger to be looking. Have I finally found a “perfect” theme? Probably not. But being code-impaired I need to settle on the creations of others. I hope that it is well received (not really, I like it and I’m not really concerned about what anyone else thinks ).

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How to Bust Time Wasting and get the career you deserved

images-2Day after day, you wonder why you don’t seem to be making any progress. You look left for the solution, and then you look right. In every direction you look there never seems to be an answer to get money. The problems for most people are right behind, but you never see it. Some days you’re in the mood to run a mile and back. Other days you don’t feel like getting out of your bed.

The motivation you carry to get what needs to be done all depends on your mood. It’s challenging to always keep your enthusiasm high especially when doing anything you don’t enjoy. Maybe it’s time to change a career? There are career aptitude tests that can help you with making a right career move. And if you still didn’t get your HS diploma simple go for the GED test. There is a really good website that offers GED practice tests and online classes free of charge so you will only to be willing to spend a few weeks preparing for the test.

If inconsistency that’s stabbing you in the back read on and make a right choice.

More Bad Days, Rather Than Good No matter who you are, we all know the meaning of struggle. You struggle to get out of bed in the morning. You struggle to take that early morning jog when you know it’s needed. Every of your days is a new day to struggle.

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How you manage your own finances when you study for a GED

The first lesson relates to how you manage your own finances. This lesson is the basis of all the other actions. Bringing in extra money alone is no cure for financial difficulties. It is really just a sticking plaster. You have to deal with the root cause. For example for Joan the root course is lack of proper education, she left a high school when she was 16, she is 23 now and still doesn’t have a high school diploma. It limits her earning potential tremendously.  Luckily for Joan there are opportunities do correct this mistake, she can take a GED test and then she will receive a GED certificate. This certificate is the equivalent of  high school diploma. This is a first step she needs to fix it in order to have a better future, with the GED she will make at least $9 000 more per year

Getting GED is not a lengthy process, it might take Joan 2-4 months to get ready if she will follow intensive online classes for the GED. But what do you do in between. Play on the lottery?

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Making a voodoo doll. For Entertainment Purposes Only:)

images222I know I am going to get whacked upside the head by Karma, but as promised, instructions on how to make your own voodoo doll… Making a voodoo doll is pretty simple. The trick is to make it as personal to whomever it is to personify as possible. This makes it easier for any spells or curses to find their intended.

But if you can’t get any personal items from the person, try to make your doll look as close as possible like the real person. The first thing you need is something to provide structure for your doll. You could use a couple of sticks tied together in the form of a cross. For my doll, I am using a couple of inkpens enblazened with the name of the apartment management company who employs the tramp that I wish to curse. Continue reading “Making a voodoo doll. For Entertainment Purposes Only:)”

Promoting Small Business in the Smart Way

red-planetAfter five days of trying to set up the satellite system himself only to fail miserably, Dave finally bit the bullet last week and called in the professionals. This was no easy decision for him, being a cheap bastard man who prides himself on achieving such tasks on his own, but not having several hundred channels to choose from was really starting to eat him up. So on Wednesday afternoon yet another strange man climbed the ladder to our roof, the only difference between him and the others being that once he set foot on the patio he was handed a wad of cash. But whatever. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and by that point I didn’t care what he had to do or how much it was going to cost. I just wanted the fucking thing hooked up already.

Mr. Satellite Professional quickly determined that the problem had nothing to do with the satellite receiver or where the dish was pointed, it was just a cheap dish. When Dave said he’d picked it up for sixty bucks, Mr. Satellite Professional scoffed at him, told him he’d come back tomorrow with a better dish to install and left. Dave made me hold the ladder while he climbed up on the roof and took his cheap dish down, because it’s safety first over here and my girly grip on the ladder would definitely stop him from falling and splattering all over the patio. Continue reading “Promoting Small Business in the Smart Way”

Why I believe in Robert Kiyosaki

This morning, I told a woman I’ve met a few times in the park that I’m having a mid life crisis.

I didn’t mean an actual mid life crisis, whatever that is, I meant something more like, there are all these crazy things happening in my life and I’m making big changes. It was my lame attempt t0 be funny and maybe a little outrageous (I like to be outrageous sometimes as my friends will attest).

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Language of the personal finance bully

scottlinstead5-e1279994478301In an article I read today on TechDirt apparently Disney is in hot water for selling a lamp that infringes on copyright laws.

As you may know, Pixar is one of the divisions of Disney and they make all those sickeningly cute little movies like Cars and Wall-E and tons of others that my kids watch constantly. I’ll admit it: I like them.

And if you’ve ever watched any of these movies then obviously you’re familiar with the various Pixar Logos that incorporate that sweet little lamp:

Well, this little lamp is inspired by a pretty prominent lighting company called Luxo. They make task lighting, medical lighting – pretty much if you can screw a light bulb into it they make it.

Disney is scheduled to release a special Up – Limited Edition Luxo Jr. Collectible Lamp Packon November 10th but there’s one teeny tiny problem. They named the lamp Luxo Jr. – and the lamp is not made by the company Luxo. Continue reading “Language of the personal finance bully”